Astuces SQL Server

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This note aims to put the focus on database issues

How to increase the performance of a view by saving the data to disk?

Create a cluster view (clustered).


cancel or not a transaction inside stored procedure, for example, if an error occurs at a treatment


How to solve the fragmentation problem index?

Use Rebuild or Reorganize index

The result is obtained with function sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats.

Below results  :  

avg_fragmentation_in_percent : The percent of logical fragmentation (out-of-order pages in the index).

fragment_count : The number of fragments (physically consecutive leaf pages) in the index.

avg_fragment_size_in_pages : Average number of pages in one fragment in an index.

If avg_fragmentation_in_percent is greater than 5% and less than 30%

                => ALTER INDEX REORGANIZE

If avg_fragmentation_in_percent value is greater than 30%



Tips Net

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Below is a set of frequently asked questions as part of a .Net development platform, this post is also inspired some topics discussed in the Microsoft Best Practise
How to validate the compliance of a development compared to an architecture with a Build? (Ultimate License Requirements)

Create diagram Layer empty, move layers from solution on diagram and add dependencies,

Create Gated CheckIn Build (Based on Shelveset), and in arguments of Build add : /p:ValidateArchitecture=true

How to detect copy and paste source code? (VS Prerequisites 2013)

Use Analyse Solution for Code Clones available under the section ANALYSIS

How to force the update of SSRS reports in a TFS platform (available under the Portal Server )?

Access to Administration console TFS, select Reporting tab, click on Start Rebuild link

Diagnosing a proxy TFS source control ?

Use web service ProxyStatistics available on application layer


Tips .Net

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Below is a set of frequently asked questions as part of a development .Net platform associated with TFS infrastructure, this post is also inspired on topics of Best Practise Microsoft:
How to set the distribution of a series of tests as they run?

Define Weighting property of test agent 

How to reuse test cases fairly easily?

Use the Clone feature Test Plan on a root test suite

How to configure an access TFS url for your site?

Using TFS administration console and set the property in the section URL Notification Change URIs

How to recover accidentally deleted files in TFS Source Control?

Go to the Tools section, select Options, and click the link Show deleted items in the Source Control Explorer, right-click and select the option Undelete

How to export a complete test case suites beyond WIQL requests?
Use Apis Test Management, below some snippets to operate.

List the active test plans with filter end date

ITestPlanCollection testPlanCollection = projet.TestPlans.Query("Select * from TestPlan where PlanState = 'Active' AND EndDate < ‘2015-10-22’ ");
Retrieve the results of the execution of a test case

ITestManagementService testManagementService = teamProjectCollection.GetService<ITestManagementService>();

// Get run
IEnumerable<ITestRun> testRunList = testManagementService.QueryTestRuns(string.Format("select * From TestRun where TestRunID={0} AND IsAutomated=0", runId));

// Get first
ITestRun testRunTarget = testRunList.FirstOrDefault();

//Get results
ITestCaseResultCollection restCaseResultCollection = testRunTarget.QueryResults();

How Builds interrupt for a change process and run them later, once the finished modification?

Pausing set the property on the General tab of the Build definition, the builds are accumulated in a queue processing

To Build Not Finished

Branching By Feature – Team Foundation Server

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We have several strategies branching, Foncton life cycle of the product, the number of people, delivery mode etc.
We can mention: Release Management or CodePromotion ..
the objective of this bill is to address one of the most complex, it is the featuring.


An application may include multiple versions while having active or corrective maintenance needs. How to do ?

Parallel developments can be implemented by several teams. How a team without negatively impacting the other?

=> Set up branches developments

However it is essential to establish a branch management policy to avoid manage conflicting versions during development, to prohibit changes to the validated versions etc.

Setting up

The installation requires performing the following tasks:

1. Create a development trunk, the trunk is denominated XYZ

Note: the developments are not directly on the trunk, but are on a child branch called Service Pack.

2. Create from a new branch trunk daughter Service Pack denominated 1.YZ

Note: this branch will host the developments dedicated to the first feature.

Event Project: End of the first iteration (The development team estimates that the developments are completed).

3. Create from Service Pack 1.YZ a new child branch Fix denominated 1.0.Z.

Note: This branch contains all the developments dedicated to future bug fixes following the delivery of the target functionality.

4. Create From Fix 1.0.Z. a new child branch Release, 1.0.0 wording.

Note :

-This Branch will remain read-only.

-This Branch is the only branch deployed in production environment.

-This Branch represents an image of our delivery.

It makes it possible to trace the different deliveries made.

-It Allows for Rollback operations on version if the need arises (Avoid version conflicts files).

Event Project: Delivery of production

5. Deliver the branch Release 1.0.0 on the production environment.

6. Merge Service Pack 1.YZ to XYZ trunk

Note: At this stage all branches are at the same level of evolution.

Event Project: Bugs occurs on the Release 1.0.0

7. Treatment of bugs can be done in two ways as possible:

Judging that the version is not stable
-Conduct Fixes on Fix branch 1.0.Z.

-Create A new branch Release 1.0.1

-Livrer The Release 1.0.1 branch

-Fusionner Fix 1.0.Z to Service Pack 1.Y.Z.

-Fusionner Service Pack 1.Y.Z. to X.Y.Z. trunk

Note: You can iterate many times: 1.0,1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3 etc.

Judging that the version is stable and it is decided to fix bugs on a new delivery.
-Create From Service Pack 1.Y.Z. Fix a new child branch 1.1.Z

-Apporter Fixes on Fix branch 1.1.Z

-Create From Fix 1.1.Z. a new child branch Release, 1.1.0 wording.

-Livrer 1.1.0 branch

Event Project: An important new feature arrives

8. Create from the trunk a new child branch service pack, label 2.YZ

Reproduce the same organization …

Implementation in Team Foundation Server 11

Add the solution to Source Control