How to override summary of your release or build ?

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If you want to add additional panel into your summary of your release instance,
I suggest you to add new markdown, upload this last with vso specific task.
Aggregate this development into custom task link.

Below detail of your development :

1. Begin by adding your mark down template file, set this later into task directory.

2. Add your markdown data file , into the same directory.

3. below content of your two files.

Template is (Template file ensure that we load for every release the same template with same keys) :

# Section name #
- Artefact 1 : @@Artefact1@@
- Artefact 2 : @@Artefact2@@

Data is (Data file is published on server for every release):

# Section name #
 - Artefact 1 : @@Artefact1@@
- Artefact 2 : @@Artefact2@@

Remark : Theses two files have same content.

4. Now we add Wrapper.ps1 file permit you to execute backend treatment, below content of your file.
For our case, we decide to get datas of testing layer.

  [string] $artefact1,
  [string] $artefact2

Function permit you to access vsts or tfs platform, without enter credentials.

function Get-AccessToken
	Write-Verbose -Verbose "Getting Personal Access Token for the Run" 
	$vssEndPoint = Get-ServiceEndPoint -Name "SystemVssConnection" -Context $distributedTaskContext
	$personalAccessToken = $vssEndpoint.Authorization.Parameters.AccessToken
	if (!$personalAccessToken) 
		throw "Could not extract personal access token. Exitting"     

Load template file markdown, access datas and set datas into data file.

$template = (Get-Content $PSScriptRoot\

#replace artefact
$template.Replace("@@Artefact1@@", $artefact1) | Set-Content $PSScriptRoot\

#get access
$token = Get-AccessToken
$returnObj = @{}
$url = "$($env:SYSTEM_TEAMFOUNDATIONSERVERURI)$($env:SYSTEM_TEAMPROJECT)/_apis/test/runs?api-version=1.0"
$response = Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri $url -Headers @{Authorization = "Bearer $token"}

if($response -eq $null)
	Write-Host "We don't have datas..."
        (Get-Content $PSScriptRoot\"@@Artefact2@@", $artefact2) | Set-Content $PSScriptRoot\ 


Upload specific section into summary, with vso tasks.

Write-Host "##vso[task.uploadsummary]$PSScriptRoot\"

Documentation link vso tasks

Below screen describing result


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