Integrate SLACK to TFS

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You can integrate SLACK into TFS by following theses steps, firstly create your team, define channels, define integrating step with TFS, and finally configure Service Hooks into TFS, and choices events to publish.
This post propose to follow just some steps in order to integrate them.

Go to this url :
Define name for Slack Team, we choice Amayestech as name of our Team


In the second time we must define credentials of team’s owner, it’s me Aghilas Yakoub


When you have finished with creating of team, we send invitations to news users, in order to read and post messages to Slack channels.


Slack is organized with two sides, client side and admin side.
For configure Slack to receive posted messages from TFS, we must go to admin side and register Visual Studio Team Services.



For this subject Go to Confgure Apps
Select browse link
Select Install link
Select Add Visual Studio Integration



You find two configurations, you have for each channel one configuration,
It’s very important to save your GUID of channel;
This GUID will be registered into TFS Service Hooks.


TFS View

After first configuration into Slack we go to TFS admin side


Click on Create first subscription for this project and Click on Next Button


You have lot of triggers, one trigger for one behavior, for example you can post message after creating of WI, or after finished Release.



So we Create first trigger for complete build
We choice build attributes as name or status.


Click ion next



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