Day: October 24, 2015


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Below a post aimed to alert you if a volume is exceeded on your SQL Server, for example, the basic transaction data may exceed certain thresholds for that access your agent SQL SERVER, configure it in such a way as to send mails.

Mail Alert


You gave rights to a user, you want to know if that user has rights has spread another user, simple to make, use SQL SERVER Audit, create an audit specification


You use both nodes Audit (audit and Create output formatting) & Specification (Create the specification)


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For your security management of your database, choose the concept of Role personalized, permission on a schema, add users to your role (Just as it would have been done with the Principal, Identity, Permission, Claims in C # ). Associating the scheme now to the role and not to different users.

Custom Role

Compatibility Level (Tips SQL Server)

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This post is intended to include the steps to migrate and change basic version of SQL SERVER 2005 data on 2014

It’s simple to make a BACKUP of Full aging database (SQL 2005), do the RESTORE of the database on the target server (Data Log & Database).

However consider changing the COMPATILITY LEVEL on the 2014 base,

ALTER DATABASE database_name 
SET COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL = { 90 | 100 | 110 | 120 }

Note : 120 is the compatibility level for SQL SERVER 2014

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